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Does this genius ever age? First time I saw him live was in 1996 with the Boston Symphony Orchestra and Seiji Ozawa, playing the Tchaikovsky concerto. Last week I had my second Kissin experience, Grieg's concerto with TSO and Sir Andrew Davis. Just as the first time, my seat was so far up in the nose-bleeds I couldn't make out his face at all. But from where I was at least he looked exactly the same and gave me the exact same feeling of excitement throughout the performance.

For me, Kissin is not to be experienced at home on the stereo – the only place in which to feel the sensation of his performance is live, in the concert hall. There is the massive load of sound pouring from the piano (which looks small with him sitting at it) into my ears, and the visual drama of THE Kissin hair (which keeps growing as the music elevates).

In his own words, he started humming Bach's fugue when he was just 11 months old before he learned how to speak. This genius received a standing ovation at the end of his performance, and I can't wait to go see him a third time (maybe in another 10 years).

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