Soba Salad







I might be a genius, for real. I really wanted to eat avocado and soba. Together. Also I had to finish the cabbage in the fridge. Here is what I did with them:

- boil the water, cook the soba as indicated, wash in cold water and put it on the plate.
- While boiling and cooking soba, thin slice the cabbage and red onion and sprinkle a pinch of salt and mix by hands, leave it for 5min.
- Rinse the salt, leave them in cold water for 5min.
- while leaving them in water, mix olive oil, soy sauce (good one. important), wasabi, vinegar, mirin, dashi powder ( I used seawead powder for my Veggie other half, but fish powder must be good too), sesami seeds into bowl and mix them like a salad dressing.
- drain the cabbage and onion from the water, squeeze them tight to get rid of extra moist, mix with the dressing and well ripen avocado cut in cubes.
- top the soba with the cabbage/onion/avocado/dressubg mix, sprinkle tomatoes on top also cut in cubes. I would have added sliced cucumbers if I had some...

YUM. The whole thing done in 15min.

It could be also super yum, adding cilantro and Nam Pla(fish sauce) and make it Thai style. Mmmm....

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